Knowledge | The primary function of this site is the dissemination of important study findings and the collation of seminal literature and educational materials we collect, translated into Arabic, French, and English, if needed. Please contact us if you would like for us to post your work and/or if you would like to have access to materials in your language of choice. We will try our best to facilitate access... More

Network | To facilitate communication and collaborative relationships regionally, we have developed a forum that is accessible to authorized users. You will be able to post and respond to questions, inquire about resources, share resources, make connections, and build mutually beneficial collaborations! Please sign up to help build this community that is committed to improving pharmaceutical policies an... More

Opportunities | We will keep you posted about collaborative and training opportunities available to emerging and more experienced pharmacovigilance leadership.  More

Leadership Profiles | We will feature country pharmaceutical and pharmacovigilance snapshots as well as feature leaders undertaking cutting-edge drug safety research and policy efforts. Please get in touch Here if you would like to be featured or would like to recommend a drug safety leader to be featured in this section.  Coming soon! More

This is a dynamic, publicly accessible website that will serve as a platform for knowledge dissemination, networking, and collaboration between civil society, patient groups, policymakers, researchers, and academics, interested in advancing drug safety in the Arab and Eastern Mediterranean Region.

This site will highlight study findings and present seminal educational materials related to pharmaceutical policy, drug safety, and pharmacovigilance in the Arab and Eastern Mediterranean Region.

This site will also serve as a networking and discussion forum for engaged regional conversations and collaborations. Such engaged conversations can help in mapping out future patient-centered policy interventions that minimize duplicative efforts, streamline the implementation and evaluation of pharmacovigilance programs, encourage participatory and transparent policy making, and ultimately improve drug safety and healthcare quality!


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